We provide niched and high-value advisory, solutions & support services to our clients, enabling successful and beneficial management, project, development, operational and engineering outcomes.

We work closely with our clients, through a collaborative approach and outlook, to complement and supplement their capabilities and teams, whilst also offering the benefits of an objective and independent perspective. Our services are offered world-wide.

What do we do?

Using our broad-based and high-level expertise and experience in projects, management and engineering, as well as the particular insights and capabilities gained through our forensic, dispute-related and remedial advisory experience, we provide both proactive and reactive support for our clients’ requirements and challenges.

And when our role requires independence and objectivity (such as an independent advisor/expert or in an adjudication or mediation role), we absolutely understand and rigorously apply that too – without “fear or favour” and independent of particular party’s interests.

Complementing our strategic advisory services and development/development-support services and activities, “troubleshooting & fixing” is a strong focus of our project, engineering, operations and management advisory & support services, which include forensic & remedial consulting.

At Engenamic, we are firm proponents of a coherent, systematic and holistic approach to understanding and addressing project and engineering requirements and challenges. Our project consulting, advisory, support and management services, as well as our systems engineering and project engineering services, are orientated to such an approach. We understand that projects, engineering, operations and development, and our clients, have unique complexities, requirements, circumstances and challenges.

  • We listen, observe, investigate and evaluate.
  • We assess and analyse.
  • We apply our expertise and experience objectively.
  • We strategise and plan.
  • We recommend, formulate and design solutions.
  • We support action.
  • In short – we enable project, engineering, operations and development success!

How and where do we do this?

Proven expertise and support. When you need it, where you need it, how you need it!

Our advisors/consultants and consulting teams at Engenamic collectively apply their expertise and experience to address particular project and engineering challenges. We employ a collegial approach, both internally and with clients, in order to maximise effectiveness through leverage of the available knowledge and insights. We apply our expertise and experience objectively – objective and independent insight and focus can be a key factor in effectively addressing project and engineering challenges.

Focusing on strategic project, infrastructure and systems interventions and advisory services means that we are able to work together in a complementary and collaborative way with your “day-to-day” and other project management and engineering teams (both internal and external), as well as with your other professional advisors (such as legal, financial, environmental and other professionals). We are also able to offer objective analyses and assessments, including forensic and remedial project and engineering consulting and dispute-related services and support.

Our operational hub is centrally based in Centurion, in the economic heartland of South Africa (the Gauteng Province, with Johannesburg and Pretoria at its core), and conveniently close to South Africa’s major international airport (OR Tambo International Airport) as well as Lanseria International Airport. From our centralised “home base” hub, our services are provided in South Africa and internationally on a world-wide basis.